Valley of Fire Administration Building and Restroom


Location: Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
Size: 2,000 sf
Awards: 2010 NAIOP Honor Award
The Valley of Fire Administration & Restroom buildings were designed to allow the rock formations in the valley to stand out and not be the main focus of the area. Simple planes and roof lines that cut into each other mimic the tectonic shifts in the rocks all around while darker CMU block compliment the iron oxide that happens naturally to the rocks over time. Insulated concrete block provides an R- Value over 10 which lessens the load of the HVAC system and allowed us to exceed code by 28%. Clerestory windows help provide natural light to all spaces and exceed code by 14%. Proper orientation, low VOC materials, low overhangs on the east and south sides, xeriscape, native plant materials and low flow plumbing reduce water usage and all contribute to create low maintenance, highly efficient buildings.