BLM Seed Warehouse


 BLM Seed Warehouse, Ely, Nevada

The 16,700 sf Bureau of Land Management seed warehouse is capable of storing 800,000 pounds of seeds for the Great Basin region. The warehouse includes open seed storage areas, refrigerated seed storage and seed mixing areas. The seed areas both refrigerated and non-refrigerated are accessible by fork lift. There is an adjustable racking system for the vertical storage of palletized seeds and a seed mixing, weighing and sewing area. The building includes office area, break room, shower/washroom and safety related items such as eye wash station, safety shower, MSDS books, personal protective equipment and flammable cabinetry. The seed warehouse also includes a ventilation system to prevent dust build-up and reduce the risk of fire or explosion.
Bureau of Land Management
3900 E. Idaho St.
Elko, NV  89801